Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lahic and Chernobyl

Oh, I forgot one thing I wanted to share...for those of us old enough to remember the world's worst nuclear reactor accident...think Russia and think Chernobyl. We know that's it only been in recent years that the Russian's really have begun to disclose the full details and human suffering from this accident. Azerbaijan was still under Russian control at the time of the disaster and I've heard so much more about the effects and real human toll.

There were several English speaking young men in Lahic who told us about the Russians taking the able bodied men (only married men) to work at Chernobyl to cover the reactor's core with tons of soil and cement in the attempt to prevent the radiation from escaping. These men worked two hours a month (to limit their exposure--yeah, right) pouring tons of soil...well, after the work was completed they were sent back to Lahic..and told they would live only ten years...many have died....we met one who remains cancer free. Today, the Azerbaijan government still gives them a pension....

Dang..communism really did a number on this country...


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