Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trip to the Countryside and my head is still spinning

For the most part very few Azeris travel around their own country since they live where they were born and it's the exceptional young person who lives both home and their village. Everything is called a village except Baku, the capital, and the largest cities Sheki, Lenkoran and Ganji. Everything else is a village...I joined two professors from the US who are here on Fulbright awards on a day trip to a village high in the Caucausas mountains and known for it's copper smithing..copper dug right from the surrounding mountains. It was a round trip of 500 miles, (sh**), all uphill on one lane, no asphalt roads...(double sh**) and swerving past herds of sheep, cattle, chickens, burros and horses for 4 hours there and 4 hours back. I have never gotten car sick before in my entire life..but this trip, well, let's just say I turned a new shade and left presents all along the dirt roads. Oh, yeah all the other presents along the road "fresh meat"..stop pick out your dinner from any of the herds and it's dressed for you while you wait..the crates of bunnies did me in..

I know I eat meat but I'd rather see mine in cellophane in the freezer section.

The village, Lahic...okay, it was pretty and quite amazing..worth the ride?...nah. And, if this is how an adventure might be ...I'll get postcards...and nix the driving. But did get a few photos..

The mud volcanoes...seeping gas from deep below the earth ...creates these oddities found around the country. These are small versions..I hope to see larger ones later this summer.

And, cobblestreet...the only street in Lahic...

My head is still I'll finish my peppermint tea and holla more next time..

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