Monday, May 25, 2009

You're not going to believe this know the battle I've been having to get the screens installed on my windows and terrace doors. Well, the screen guy came back on Sunday night (yes, they work whenever), installed the three window screens and then realized that he measured the doors wrong and the screens don't fit. He'll come back on Tuesday night...fine.

Fast forward to Persian the word Baku is translated to mean bad kube or city of winds. Forget the Windy City of Chicago, when I say the wind blows off of the Caspian is crazy!!! It stops me in my is amazing and it blows periodically all year around...So I woke up to howling winds on Monday am...go to work.

Come home Monday night..the window screens he installed...blew away! Off of my 9th floor windows...I can only hope they didn't hit someone...and I looked out the windows but can't see them lying anywhere..

I'm not making this stuff up....

Hope you had a nice Memorial's Republic Day here on Thursday...(think 4th of July)... maybe I'll have screens soon..Inshallah (means in Azeri...when God is ready)....I guess I will have screens and gas...still no gas either...


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