Monday, May 4, 2009

One of the world's most polluted places

Azerbaijan defies description sometimes, most of the time. Since at one time this country provided the USSR with over 60% of the oil, the Soviets really didn't care or were not consicous of the environmental nightmare they created and sustained during the occupany for 70 years...they drained the land of oil, natural gas, and manufactured other petro products, pesticides and other bad stuff. So it is not surprising that this country rates among the most polluted places on earth.. Those are abandoned oil rigs including the oil pumps we often see in the southern areas of the Texas, southern Cali...the

Well, I got to see some of that destruction this past I joined a road trip with three other Americans (yes, there are some that I've met)...unfortunately, they are all leaving with the next month to return to the US for good...anyway, we drove south east out of the city to Abseron Peninsula...about hour outside of if you can imagine driving for an hour with nothing but scenes like these photos....takes your breath away....and it's no wonder why this country has one of the highest infant mortality rates and birth defects in the world along with high rate of neurological damage...

Also along the way...see top photo, we stopped at a site where natural gas flows from deep inside the earth and the flames have been lit since the late '50's just burning night and day...adds the perversity of the place...I'm trying to exercise, eat as healthy as I can and will avoid travel to these locations except when visitors want to see it for themselves.

Please recyle today for me....


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