Monday, May 11, 2009

Victory Day --a National Holiday

Well, Monday, May 11th here and it's one of the Monday holidays that seem to be universal. This part of the world celebrates the end of WWI and add the birthday of the first President following Russian rule in's a day off. Last night there was quite an impressive display of fireworks...the first booms stared me...since I had no idea it was happening and it was nearly midnight.

In honor of Victory Day, I am sharing a photo of the statue that is only two blocks from's called Freedom Woman or Female Emancipation...depending on describes it to you. As I've stated before AZ is the largest muslim country where women are not veiled and in fact, they are quite proud of this fact. As am I, otherwise, I don't think I could be here. This statue is in front of the building that oversees their version of Social Security..called Social Protection here.

The avg pension is about 70 USD a month, so it makes sense that families live in multi-generational households...I'm also starting to see more woman with children asking for money on the streets...I now have my regulars that I give too..including the cat lady. Just as in the US...they are invisible on the street, in the alley, going through the dumbsters, also there are children playing plastic flutes asking for change...I'll have to ask what region or what other country they might be found. You can see a facial difference..and it fact, folks from Uzbekistan are easily recognizable...more Asian here's to Freedom Woman! She is removing her veil!!

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