Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tough Day at Work

Okay, I knew it was bound to happen...tough day at the office...but still not nearly as gut wrenching as a similar day at work in one of our US law schools. I'm trying very hard to get the inaugural class for the masters degree program admitted but since my employer, the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, is relatively new player in the educational paradigm of the country...the wheels are turning fact, too slowly if they really want students to enroll on June 18th!

I don't know how useful the knowledge I'm gaining about the workings of the AZ State Students Admissions Commission (SSAC) (think ETS or LSAC with supreme power to decides which kid goes to which college or graduate program)....but that's what my day was like following the national holiday. I'm sure I'll get through it...since I'm on get the job done, find and train someone to take my place...and get back to Tammy, our kids and our pets!


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