Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Screens installed today

I will spare you the details of what it took and continues to take to get window and door screens installed in the apartment...think waiting for the cable guy, air con repair, and plumber all at once for two weeks...and you will feel my pain.
However the worst pain is the sight of these freaking giant flies that hover around the city and find their way into any open window..so for now the screens are well worth the weight.

Didn't make it to the Norweigian Constitution Day (waiting for the screen guy) but I am invited to the US Embassy (seems harder to break into than Fort Knox) for a BBQ on Thursday...inspite of my best effort I may actually have to go...oh well.

I'm enjoying my paid tutoring job helping a surgeon here with conversational English. That's two hours a week for about $30 bucks it will pay for all my groceries...most food is fairly cheap...but some things (that's not typically enjoyed by Azeris) are expensive...like balsamic vineagar...it's nearly 10 buck for a small bottle...and brie and honey...all very expensive but way too heavy for me to carry in a suitcase here.

i must say i've never enjoyed a box of cheerios so much as the box i brought from us..now if i could only find a dove ice cream dark chocolate bar...yummy..

Until next time..

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