Sunday, September 27, 2009

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Went to the carpet museum have to remember with all of the ancient and recent artifacts in the country....70 years of occupation by Soviets, destructive earthquakes and general lack of preservation...doesn't leave the riches you might expect to exist here.

Nonetheless, there are niches of cultural life that one can experience.

Today I went to the carpet museum...yes, the Azerbaijanis have a rich history and tradition of weaving carpets, distinctive to the various regions and villages. Many carpets are displayed in the museum...I would have taken more photos and perhaps on a return visit I will...but in addition to the entry fee, there is a charge to take photos...2 manats each or $3.60 I only took one picture.

What struck that the carpets or at least many of them remind me of cloths and patterns found in many of the works during slavery know..with the hidden messages for the Underground Railroad...I wonder what some of the Azeris were saying about their existence or their future in their colors and patterns...check out this pattern

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