Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tears of Joy--building pictures will have to wait!

If you've followed my pain and agony about the postal situation will join in with me on this one. The post office lady Mehriban seemed have gone poof on me..which was a bummer since I had been tipping her quite nice to ensure that I would have mail to and fro from US.

Much to my dismay when I returned to Baku in early September she was no longer at the counter replaced my a grumpy guy...I lamented on the blog and to Tammy as I had not received any of her letters even from July.

Yesterday, Mehriban called the office here...she's back and I GOT MAIL!. I rushed right over and it appears she's been on vacation and decided rather than trust anyone else she held onto all my delivered mail until she got back...SO I GOT LETTERS...I also gave her a box of lemon tea bags that I brought from TJ Maxx in Carlisle...but I'm gonna slide her some $$ tomorrow.

But this doesn't mean run out and write me...I don't think I'll be that lucky. I'll post photos later..

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