Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OMG---the time grows near

As you may have learned from my last posting...I've been home in the Pennsylvania for several weeks..IT HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY DIVINE! I have had a great time and I think everyone (especially Tammy, Sierra, Dakota, and our furry family Bailey, Scout and April) have been happy to have me here.

I can already feel some angst about returning to Baku...but somehow, I am also feeling much more prepared for my food consumption. I am stocking up...never was a fan of canned veggies, microwavable soups or Beefaroni...but I have a suitcase filled with this stuff now.

I'm also optimistic that it won't be blazing hot still...or at least I hope!

I'll be busy once I return as our fall application process starts on October 1st...and I'll be doing presentations (in English) at several of the colleges and universities...and it's likely that I will also travel to neighboring countries too...don't tell Tammy...no need to stress her just yet and she doesn't read my blog.

I fly out of Dulles International (DC) on Labor Day evening to start the ardous nearly 7000 mile trip back to Baku. I have four hour layover in Frankfurt. The hardest part about the trip back is the days it will take me to adjust to the 9 hour time zone difference. It often takes me nearly 10 days (they say one day for every hour)...but since this is Ramadan...I will have two days off on Sept 21-22.....it will be interesting. Since the country is 98% Shiite Muslim...everyone will be fasting and I'll be enjoying my canned meats...no Spam...I'm not that desperate!

Cheers and thanks for following me....

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