Monday, September 14, 2009

Inflation in Azerbaijan

As I understand the inflation rate on average every year is about 25% but the official rate as reported by the government is about 10%. What does this mean in terms of actual purchasing power. For me using US dollars (USD) $1.00 equals .80 AZN (they call cents qepiks.) So here are some prices I pay for things:

Stick of butter: 1.50 AZN or $2.70
Lb of ground beef (but I don't buy this any more): 4.50 AZN or $8.10
Bag of Lays Potato Chips: .20 AZN or $1.60
Can of spray starch: 8.20 AZN or $14.76
Bottle of Corona Beer: 2.60 AZN or $ 4.68
Quart of Milk: 3.50 AZN or $6.30
My monthly Gym Membership: 40 AZN or $72
My monthly Internet Access: 45 AZN or $81
5 Gal Jug of Water: 6.17 AZN or $11.06
Stamp for Post Card: .60 AZN or $1.40
Hair cut: 20 AZN or $36

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