Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Janice is back in Baku

After nearly 15 hours of flying time, I arrived back in Baku on Tuesday night and back to work the next day. Jetlag hasn't hit so bad yet, but I expect to begin to feel it in the next day or so.

Can I just talk about the flights....flying to Baku you have limited options...especially if you originate in the US. So out of Dulles International you can fly via Frankfurt or London Heathrow and make the connection so as not to overnight in Europe. Flying to Germany or the UK does not draw any stares, however, I just love the looks I get from the airline employees and the other travelers while waiting to board the flight to Baku. You don't see too many individuals who look like me, in fact, I have yet to see another very dark skinned person aboard any of my Baku bound flights. And, I think everyone is even more surprised to learn that I have a year long visa.

My apartment was fine...and since I kept the windows all closed during my absence the level of dust was only about 1/8 of an inch high vs. the usual 1/4 of inch (how does this stuff still seep in).
No gas explosions, cable still works, and water, surprisingly, not brown. All good signs.

Finally, I have returned to Baku, not necessarily refreshed, but more resolved than ever to complete my task sooner rather than later, and get back to my family, our pets, our home and my country. America with all its' faults and truly a grand place. I can say that and appreciate what it means.

Thanks for checking in on me!

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