Friday, September 11, 2009

My Barber and the Post Office Lady

You may remember months ago I posted a photo of the barber, Navin, who cuts my hair. Guess what he called my Azeri cell phone today and without being able to understand each other, I knew he was calling because I have not stopped by the shop for a month (I was in the US). That was sweet of, I think I'm his best "tipper" ever. Here's a picture of Navin

Anyway, eventually, I had a co-worker tell him that I went to the US and I would be in the shop in the next week for a cut. That's the good news...the bad news...I went to the Post Office today to mail a letter and give my Postal Lady Meriban a small token from the US. DRAG...SHE'S NOT THERE...when I asked...Meriban? I got some answer that means today, tomorrow, whenever...NOW WHAT! AM I SCREWED AGAIN WITH MAIL! I can't even begin to get stressed about it...will I have to make payoffs to another new person...bummer!

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