Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fashions here in Baku

I can't recall if I've commented much on the fashion here. It is quite interesting and now, that fall is coming (yes, Baku does seem to have four seasons) I am really curious about the psyche behind the dressing.

What is fascinating to me is that for men, the classic styles with straight lines, tailored look, classic colors can be found. The very, very upscale male shops and men...wear the French, and Italian classic good taste male styles. Yet, but men, especially young men...12-40 wear t-shirts that our two sizes to small...tight, tight, like prevent you from breathing tight...and they AIN"T GOT NO MUSCLES....I know my boss...hates this look .

And, now for women, the tighter the better and higher, shorter too. Yet, you don't see any women wearing what I would say is the Brooks Brothers, Ann Taylor, Jones...look..except me. My white bucks really stuck out.

In fact, without coming across as sterotyping or be negative...the women dress like they are working girls..and I don't mean the 9-5 working girl style. Ladies of the evening...if you get my drift.

I really would like to just take photos of the unbelievable heel height. It's crazy...but I'm sure if I suddenly starting taking pictures of women's heels I would end up arrested or nix that. But today while sitting in the park (updating my resume) I was able to snap a shot of this poor woman who was taking to someone...BUT CLEARLY HER FEET ACHED...(having trouble posting photo..will try later)

Oh, yeah, some theories abound that since the country has been independent from Soviet Union, where there was no expression of self-style through fashion, the women are just now buck wild with dressing as provocative as possible.

I still hope to ask my Azeri colleauges about it....

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