Thursday, September 17, 2009

Richard L. Armitage

To some of you his name may sound familiar but to really get a full scope of his need go no further than the Wikipeidia site for his bio..even if you don't have faith of truth in this case it won't matter so much.

Anyhow, Ambassador and former US Deputy Secretary of State and you can only imagine the other job titles and dutities he has had during his long history of service as a military, government and public servant.

Fascinating...he is considered nearly God-like in Azerbaijan, mainly that he was the only person in the US govt speaking on behalf of this region (what did he know and when did he know it) following the fall of the Soviet Union and it's subsequent abandonment of Central Asia. Not only did he encourge then, President Bush 1 to consider the geopolitical importance of the region but he also was responsible in securing humanitarian aid for the country in the opposition of the very powerful (I know this now) Armenian lobby in the US, esp. the political vital state of California and Massachusetts. The war continues with Armenia and there are nearly 1 million IDP's
(internally displaced persons that are Azeri).

Having personally been introduced to Amb. Armitage just yesterday and hearing him provide a global overview of the world's can just imagine this barrel chested US Navy grad '67, paratrooper serving our country in some clandestine capacity. If you saw the movie "Taken"...think of her would rather have him on your side than on the other team.

Inspite of all this...I'm rather star-struck..and hope to get a picture with him today....

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