Saturday, September 26, 2009

I got a box ....I got a box...I got a box...I got a box

After two trips to the post office, I was finally able to pick up the box Tammy sent to only took 16 days exactly. I forgot I needed my passport and then I had to pay money...the official person (not my postal lady--tho' she was there) charged me the equivalent of $12.60 USD..supposedly custom fees.

It felt so damn good to get something from home...I started crying right there in the post office.
Tammy sent me Frito Multi-Grain Chips (who cares if they were crushed), a bunch of my favorite snack..nut clusters, some chocolate bars (and they were melted and rehardened this time) opera CD (I like opera) and a book on how to get published...(I gotta get something out of this experiences) and finally a fleece warmup's starting to get cool here. I was very thankful to get the box....and now that I seem to have "greased the wheels" Tammy will send me something monthly.

The down side..and please take this to heart since I know many of you asked about shipping things to me...the price to ship the box to Azerbaijan was crazy anyone who was thinking about word....DON'T.

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