Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weather in Baku

When I left Baku in early August for my visit back to the US, the heat was blazing and the humidity thicker than anything I've felt in the southern states. I was hoping that returning in September things would begin to moderate downward....and yippee! Now the weather is somewhat like I left behind in PA, cooler mornings, warm days and foggy nights (oh, yeah, that's the smoke from burning garbage). Nonetheless, it's delightful...yet, it's odd not knowing what the weather will be like with a long term forecast, 24 hour coverage on the Weather Channel and unlike us Americans (we seem to be fixated on the weather)...Azeris aren't hypeattentive to the weather. Perhaps farmers in the regions...but not the city folk.

I did bring back a wool coat and a down jacket with me..since I recall how cold it was last March when I arrived. I am told that I should expect snow fall in January.......I'm ready but no eating snow for this ex-pat.....I wonder how white the snow will be.

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