Friday, July 30, 2010

Beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and North Korea

Yes, it's true I can begin to see the gleam of my departure from Baku...still several months away but I find myself trying to not let the frustrations be as frustrating....this helps a great deal.
Speaking at tunnel....I saw a fascinating segment on North Korea on the BBC Channel...of course, it is true for every nation..."if your government doesn't tell you stuff, how are you expected to know"...especially if as a society you are uninformed, unconnected and isolated. And N. Korea fits all three of these...on top of it the shortage of nearly every commodity has really the physical development of people..the miltary which is enormous had to lower the height requirement as many men just aren't growing due to lack of food, nutrients in their early years....when college students were asked to name world leaders...Stalin and Mao were their answers....scary stuff....but I can see just how easy it is for government to keep folks in the dark....ummmm

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