Monday, July 5, 2010

Heat wave, my cousin and Secretary Clinton

Okay, I'll admit it is hot here...yesterday 104 degrees and today even hotter. Thank goodness the Bakuvian winds have stopped...felt like a blow torch over the weekend. I don't think I mentioned this but first cousin (actually the oldest cousin on my mother's side)...came back to Baku with me. Bernice is quite a traveler and so far has enjoyed Baku and the sights.
We are going to Istanbul for 2.5 days later this week before she returns to the US on the 10th.

Secretary Clinton arrived in Baku on the 4th for a few hours...she met with the President and other officials. I learned that 25% of the non-combat supplies used in Afghanistan come through you can see why this little nation has huge strategic importance to the US. Clinton also expressed the US' position on ending the frozen conflict with Armenia over the occupied terrority Nagorno Karabakh and the continued imprisonment of the two young men charged with hooliganism for spoofing the President in a video widely seen on Youtube. And, yes, you can be charged with hooliganism here and receive prison time like five years...
Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! I wore my Old Navy 2009 t-shirt with a Old Glory all day on the 4th...felt kinda good and patriotic!

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