Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Azerbaijani wedding...whew

Hopefully, you checked out my post about the wedding..well, Sunday was the last of the weekend marriage receptions...that's what they are...and as I described the wedding ritual final, friends are expected to pay. Yes, pay. As you enter there is a big fancy box...with the groom listed on one side and the bride listed on the other side...and you're supposed to drop an envelope with cash inside..and if you don't the attendants (likely employees of the wedding palace) don't hesitate to remind you to pay....yes, I dropped an envelope of 25 AZ manats which is $30 USD....anyway...the entire wedding scene is quite's Turan (the HR administrator) and her new hubby Mamhammed, he works for an oil compay...the other picture is a traditional AZ instrument called a saz....nice sound...but much like a screaming violin....enjoy

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