Friday, July 16, 2010

Two great photos but not so clear...

Being such a weather and sky junkie sometimes not knowing much about the fundementals of weather here in why doesn't is thunder often, or where does that freakin' wind in a cloudless sky come from that rips the screens out of the windows of my apartment and it's rare to see the moon. So I was just sitting at the computer and glanced up to see this in the sky...the other photo is the closest (but then who thought I'd be in Baku) I will come to the White House by way of an invitation to the 234th celebration of the Independence of US...a party at the Embassy here in Baku next Tuesday evening......woo-woo....can I get a beer and chips and watch ESPN...Hilary C. was here on the 4th thus the usual celebratory day was think the new US Ambassador can get my ESPN station back...its been off for several weeks...I was told the satelite was out...another woo-woo

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