Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In Istanbul again

I'm in Istanbul again this time with my cousin Bernice who is visiting with me in Baku. We came here for 2.5 days and then returning to Baku where she will begin her journey back to NJ. Istanbul is much more crowded than when I was here last November...hundreds, thousands, well, millions by there standards of tourists. It is so interesting to see folks from places that you can only guess where they might be living in Central Asia and traveling more around the region I can tell an Uzbek from an Azeri from a Turk from a Georgia from a Russia....the same way an astute person can tell a Korea from a Japanese from a Chinese. Russia and China are such vast is interesting to see those from regions that border those countries....
BTW...I lost my USB cord that would enable me to upload pictures I hope to find one some where in Istanbul or I'll have to wait for a shipment from the sorry for the absence of photos..

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