Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still enjoying the glow of Istanbul

It's amazing how my time in Baku has given me opportunity to understand the culture of a post-communist society and even through something as simple as a queing line, the color of an outfit and the height of a heel seem Orwellian, all are evident in Azerbaijan . For many of the young and enlightened it's understandable why Azeris enjoy Turkey as it is a delightful distraction from day-to-day often chaotic life in Azerbaijan.
A couple of other photos from Istanbul and I'll be sure begin to let go and accept my reality of being in a very, very hot Baku....it was 102 degrees yesterday.....and nearly as hot today. The photo of beautiful marble wall is inside the St. Sophia Basilica built by Constantine the Great in 4th century and later rebuilt and named Haghia Sophia as a Islamic mosque, I think in the 6th century...during which time many of the Christian symbols were covered (interestingly not destroyed). This angel was covered over and recently uncovered...in fact, when I was there in November the workers had the scaffolding up 14 stories inside working to uncover this image...there are still three more that need to be exposed. Have you noticed that I rarely post photos (or take photos) with people in it...ummmm...more on that next time...

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