Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upcoming weekend filled with weddings

There are two weddings this weekend, Friday and Sunday....both for colleagues at the Academy
The first is the marriage of our CFO and our Career Services Coordinator, like many young Azeris...the work hook-up is quite common and popular...otherwise your mother may pick your mate....Gulnur and Said...I both adore..are having a huge event...400 people and costing probably $60,000...folks here spend a sinful amount of money...then end up living with the bride's family...but in this case they are moving into their own apartment.
Gulnur had her bridal shower...i.e. khna (henna) party (women only) last weekend....also quite an affair....though I would not describe them as the 'traditional type' with regard to the Azeri CAN NOT avoid it...brides wear red for the party...he is just escorting her in..and she being khna --the feet and hands.

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