Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Venting and not about the screen guy

I must admit I am rather miserable at the moment...the heat has abated for few hours thankgoodness...but you know when I first arrived and during the first few months I imagined that the cultural differences surrounding processing, organization, etc. to be novel and perhaps just a reflection on the newness of the organization and the youthful exuberance of my colleagues and the ambition project before them/us.
Now, nearly eighteen months later what I thought was novel is instead a consequence of a level of dysfunctionality generally engrained into the cultural identity...I realize I might be harsh on this one...but I am soooo frustrated and is becoming increasing mentally painful and exhausting....I thought I was just being another uptight anal American struggling as an ex-pat but conversations with my closest ex-pat colleagues here just confirms that we all share the same frustrations...ugh...Tammy, of course and rightfully so, has little sympathy for my this dear friends is my only outlet...sorry but thanks...

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