Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photos from tornado in Carlisle

Finally, I am able to upload some photos....first the tornado...three days before leaving PA to return to Baku the northeast was struck by a series of major storms....Tammy and I were in the house and as I went to check on the second floor porch...I thought I was Dorothy...I screamed for her to run to the basement....just as the sky was a black I've never seen before...we both ran to the basement after a few minutes (probably seconds) the sky was blue again...when we looked around...our front tree, a hundred year old oak, lost a couple of large branches right on top of a neighbor's Saab smashing the car's roof and destroying the rear window and a tree in the back came down on our fence....lots of other damage as the reported 60-80 miles weather event cut a path through our one injured and I guess that's why we have home owner insurance....for the fence...the car...his insurance...act of God so we're not liable....

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