Saturday, October 31, 2009

2010 Baku Cat Calendar is at the printer!

I met with the local printing coming today and the calendars will be delivered to me next Friday. As you know I've been simply devastated by the sheer number and condition of the cats that live (barely survive) in the streets here. Trying to turn my tears and heartbreak into something positive my idea has been to have a 2010 calendar printed with the photos of them I've taken and hopefully, convince my friends and family to purchase one with the majority of sales going towards a local group working on opening a shelter.

Needless to say I've learned a great deal about the Azeris and their feelings about animals, especially cats. They are basically indifferent to them...unless, (here's the stereotyping going on here) they have some Russian genes....seems the Russians cared more for animals than people.

So I've befriended two older Russian women that I make a point of visiting every weekend as they spend their afternoons feeding and caring for their respective street cats. I took pictures of them and today I went to give one of them the photos (here in the blog). She let out a huge laugh and an even bigger smile when she saw the photo..and for once, for once I walked back to my apartment with the biggest smile and warmest feeling that I've had in my heart since I've been here!
And just a reminder I leave for Dubai on November 1st..I'll blog and post photos while I'm there for a couple of days.

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  1. I am fairly amazed at the fact that you are disturbed by the plight of that feral cat in the photo, but not by the plight of that Russian woman who is the owner of that cat and who sits and begs near the church.