Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank God it's almost Friday and the education system in AZ

What a tiring week! Grades came out for the students mid-terms and for the most part this first group of MA students, some did really well, most not so good and a few really bombed.
And, it broke down along international and Azerbaijani students...all international doing better and AZ students not good at all.

So there's lots of discussion going on at work and I think my colleagues (remember they are for the most part all educated abroad--US or UK or Germany), are failing to see that the college education that most Azeris receive here in the country is not preparing them for a western-style multi-disciplinary education.

At least the consensus is that Admissions has done all it can in admitting the best they could. Thank goodness for once the US News ranking doesn't come into play.

PS..I also got paid. Can you believe that my compensation has to go through and get approval..first, from our CFO, then the Rector (he's my boss and former Ambassador), then to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then to the Azerbaijan Treasury, then to the National Bank...which finally does a wire transfer to my bank back in Pennsylvania. All this takes 10 days from start to this sucks!

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