Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting Week ending with Nobel Peace Prize

By any means Obama's be selecting as the recipient is quite extraordinary. I've just heard a report on BBC and the reporter suggested that sometimes the Selection Committee likes to take a stand on the potential achievement of the selectee. And, he clearly has taken the visibility and the sense of purpose of the position of US leadership to new heights around the world. This has changed the tone of how people view the US...that we are no longer the superpower with the hammer..that here's a US President who is trying to change the way the world sees America.

The other big news has to do with this region. In fact, I encourage you to follow Secretary Clinton's trip abroad (I understand she is visiting Europe and Russia). She will be in Zurich to witness the signing of a historic agreement between Turkey and Armenia. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at war (though there is lose ceasefire) for nearly 15 years...and the implications of this agreement is HUGE for Azerbaijan. It is difficult to know how the leadership of the country, the people and/or the opposition in Azerbaijan will react.

Let's hope things continue to be peaceful or you can bet I will have my black ass out of here on the first jet to London or Frankfurt...

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