Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's unusual about this water fountain?

The mayor of Baku is obsessed with water fountains (ummm) so there are lots of them all around the city. I've posted photos before to show you all some of them. Walking past my Saturday morning park spot...I realized that the one thing lacking so typically found in public fountains in the USA...guess?

Coins at the bottom...and it's not because people climb into the water to retrieve the coins....Azerbaijanis WOULD NEVER TOSS ANYTHING INTO THE FOUNTAINS. They just don't do things like, with lots of people living by any means necessary. Tossing even one qapik (one penny) into the water would be unheard of.

And, oddly enough..much to my chargin...the garbage is literally all over the place here...but cultural norms (and Soviet sensibilities or the consequences of being sent off somewhere)....prevent people from littering in the parks....but they will do it everywhere else.

Imagine the limb of a tree stuffed with plastic soda I thought the clean bottom of a fountain was worth posting...

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