Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marsalis Concert

Even though I not a total jazz maniac, the concert last night was good and change of pace for me.
It was nice to also see some other black Americans, including the 18 year drummer, who was just a phenom. You could see that even Branford admired and cheered on his playing.

The audience was interesting and even with ticket prices steep by Azeri standards, I paid 30 manats or 45 USD, for lousy seat in front of a column there is something fundementally lacking in civility. Perhaps this is why there was no encore...which REALLY surprised me.

However, walking the 25 minutes from the Academy to the concert hall....several things struck me that I will elaborate on more in the future...but I discovered or I should say realized this place reeks of the THREE C'S....cigarettes, cologne and car fumes.....

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  1. reminds me of listening to jazz in SC, without the cologne. Miss you! Larry