Saturday, October 17, 2009

National Feral Cat Day--Oct 16th

Okay, figures there would be a day and it's not even set by Hallmark...nonetheless, I think I'm beginning to live in my brain and heart but the good news is just as I was making my regular Saturday trip to give money to one of the Cat Lady's and take Tammy advice to treat myself to fries at Mickey D's...I bumped into one of the US Fulbright student's I met last spring. Funny, she too was on her way to get a cheeseburger. So we both entered the mayhem of the fast food fixture here and enjoyed our meals.

Amy is her name..and she's doing her doctoral degree on 19th Educational Policy of AZ...she's from Minnesota, blue eyed and brown hair...I can't tell you how refreshing and validating it was to hear her talk about the stares, the guys who toss cigarette butts in her path...interesting...I think being black generates more stares but the men have not been nearly as confrontational with me as they seem to be to her. No man has blocked my path like has happen to her.

Sharing experiences I think helped both of us..she's here for another three months and we promised to try to meet more often. Unlike me she has not been back to the US since she arrived in April. Oh, boy...I think I'll offer her one of my cans of green veggies.

Oh, so what does the National Feral Cat Day have to do with this...when I walked out of the courtyard this morning..two little kittens (probably not more than 6-8 weeks old) were sitting right out in front...I just bursted into tears....

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