Monday, October 5, 2009

U.S. Embassy in Baku

Finally, I had a chance to go the embassy here in Baku. I'm assuming the complex was built sometime in the mid-'90's...basically, just series of cement but the center court yard is serious oasis! Since Baku is pretty arid and need to have extensive water year round to have such clearly that's not lacking there.

The security was tight to enter, not surprised but it makes me imagine what the security is like in real "hot zones" around the globe. In addition to logging in my passport, they asked for my driver's license (but that's not something I typically carry around with me), they took my cell phone and backpack. So all I could enter with a piece of paper and pen (I needed to get asnwers to some question) and an ID Badge they provided.

I still don't think Obama has appointed a new ambassador to Azerbaijan..the previous one Ann Derse, her term ended in July and she was appointed to Lithuiania.

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