Friday, October 2, 2009

Identity Struggles for Azerbaijani Young People

In some parts of my brain I'm feeling like...look out America...the world is coming...and it wants to surpass us and likely will in the years to come. I know we're all aware of the re-rise of Islam...and it is difficult for us in the west to separate the religion from the regimes. But if can just for a minute...Islam is the world's fastest growing religion. In no better place is it clear to see what's happening is right here at the epicenter of Christianity and Muslim worlds.

Anyone born before 1950 and was educated during the Russian occupation is very anti-religious..any religion. The Russians did a good job of suppressing religion. If you were born from're more likely to be closer to your Shi'ite Muslim faith as you were trying to distance yourself from the oppressive Communist regime. And now if you are born after're likely to be much more willing to embrace more fully Islam in search of your identity as an Azeri.
I was stunned to see the writing on the world a couple of blocks from my apt. One, you NEVER see graffiti, and two, some writing about GOD...whoa.....I'll be surprised if it is still there when I walk on this street this weekend.

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